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Trail Running 2019


2019 saw the introduction of a senior trail running championship for the first time.


The Club Trail Championship winners in 2019 were Sarah Everett & Steve Skidmore 


Steve at The School Run June  2019


The Club Championship races for the 2019 :




Old Colliery Canter 5 mile ***

Old Colliery Canter Results


Furty Furlong 

Furty Furlong Results

Trunce 3 

Trunce Results

Denby Dash   ***

Denby Dash Results

Sheffield 10 10 10 

Sheffield 10 10 10 Results

*** Points Scored at either Old Colliery Canter or Denby Dash to count as Old Colliery Canter sold out in early January ***


Hunshelf Amble 

Hunshelf Amble Results

Ambles Revenge 

Ambles Revenge Results


Holme Valley trail half marathon

Holme Valley trail half marathon Results

Sarah at The School Run June  2019

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