Trail Running


2019 sees the introduction of a senior trail running championship for the first time.


The Club Trail Championship includes 7 events nominated by Chris Walker ; 4 'short’, 2 'medium' and 1 'long'. The first DDAC runner to finish in each  short event scores 10 points, the second 9 etc. Medium races will attract 12pts for the winner, working down (11 for 2nd, 10 for 3rd, etc…) and Long races will start at 15pts for the highest placed DDAC runner (14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, etc.. ).There is no minimum number of races for qualification so it will just be a straight league table.

In addition to the overall men’s and ladies championships trophies, there are also vets (over 40) and supervets (over 50) categories for both men and women.

Johnny at Trunce June  2018

Liz at Ambles Revenge Dec 2018

Photo courtesy of Steve Frith

The Club Championship races for the 2019 are :




Old Colliery Canter 5 mile ***

Old Colliery Canter Results


Furty Furlong 

Furty Furlong Results

Trunce 3 

Trunce Results

Denby Dash   ***

Denby Dash Results

Sheffield 10 10 10 

Sheffield 10 10 10 Results

*** Points Scored at either Old Colliery Canter or Denby Dash to count as Old Colliery Canter sold out in early January ***


Hunshelf Amble 

Hunshelf Amble Results

Ambles Revenge 

Ambles Revenge Results


Holme Valley trail half marathon

Holme Valley trail half marathon Results

Rosalind at Hunshelf Amble July 2018

Photo courtesy of Steve Frith

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